Playing Rules

Official Rules for Soccer


  • All Coaches MUST have register with NJYS and complete the Risk Assessment (annually), SafeSport (annually), and Concussion training (once) on the NJYS web site, and be fingerprinted pursuant to Association policy.
  • Coaches are encouraged to play the children in all positions throughout the season and for playing time to be equal as possible during the games in order to fully develop each player’s soccer skills.
  • When leading another team by a large margin, the leading coach is responsible for managing the team so as not to “runup” the score. A 5-goal differential is the maximum allowed although we understand Division 7 can be tough to tighten up the scoring. Make adjustments before having a substantial lead (i.e. develop weaker players, work on the passing game, work on defense, etc.). In a Division with standings games that end with a goal differential exceeding the maximum, for any reason, will be recorded in the standings as a 0-1 forfeit loss.
  • During the game, coaches in Division 2 through 5 must remain behind the touchline and on their assigned side of the midline, and may not enter the field unless recognized by the referee. In Division 6, one coach is allowed on the field (opposite the players bench) to facilitate play as required. For player safety, the field coach is not to be near the ball. In Division 7, the coaches run the game. For all divisions: after each game, coaches will line up the teams along the touchline to shake hands.
  • For DIVISION 7 – Use “flexible” side-outs. Use common sense when deciding to blow the whistle for a ball out of bounds. If the ball is not going back into play or it is behind the net or in-between spectators, blow whistle and have it kicked into play at the touch line/end line nearest to the ball when the whistle was blown.
  • Build-out lines (D5/D6)– During any kicks (goal kicks, punts, fouls, etc.) that occur between the goal line and build-out line, the opposing team will line up behind the build-out line. The ball is live once the kicking team releases the ball.
  • Officials are in charge of the game in Divisions 2 through 6–NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have a problem with an official, contact your division commissioner in writing for the issue to be addressed.
  • If a referee identifies misconduct by players or spectators, coaches must assist the referee in properly handling the situation. It is the coach’s responsibility to keep the parents/spectators under control. Cautioned players must be substituted immediately and must be out until the next stoppage. Any ejected players/coaches/spectators must leave the playing field and its surroundings immediately.
  • Home team will report scores to league website.

Parents and Spectators

Be Respectful
  • Spectators are to stay on the opposite side of the field from the coaches and players. The sole exception to this rule is when the parent is running the sideline flag. 
  • Spectators and Parents are to adhere to the HTRSA Code of Conduct as displayed on the HTRSA website. Everyone is encouraged to support the players, referees and the volunteer coaches in their efforts.

Game Cancellations

  • If a game is cancelled all remaining games for that day will also be cancelled (probably).
  • A game cancelled or suspended or terminated for any reason prior to one-half (1/2) being played shall be rescheduled in its entirety, except the game may be canceled and not rescheduled upon agreement between the two managers involved and the Division Commissioner with approval by the Association President. Any game having been played at least one-half (1/2) its scheduled length shall be declared official with the score at the time play stops prevailing. This rule may be superseded by the Forfeiture and Protest provisions of Rules of the Association only.

Age Group Policy

The age group calendar year is set by US Youth Soccer. The age group divisions for the calendar year are set by the age your player is as of September 30th. Your player will be placed into the Division mentioned above according to his age group definition. For example, U12 (Under 12) means your player was under the age of 12 by the cut- off date, of September 30th OF THE CURRENT YEAR. Any requests to play up or down an age group MUST be approved by the Board.

Everyone associated with HTRSA is bound to the HTRSA Code of Conduct.

Adopted 9/9/2021